Rental Rates



Monday - Thursday

6 AM - 10 PM

Friday Day

6 AM - 5 PM

Friday Evening

5 PM - Midnight

Saturday & Sunday 

Noon - 5 PM

Saturday Evening

5 PM - Midnight

Sunday Evening

5 PM - 10 PM

Rental Rates $50 Per Hour $50 Per Hour $700 plus $20/hr per party stewards $50 Per Hour $700 plus $20/hr per party stewards $500 plus $20/hr per party stewards
Deposit Amount (refundable) $150 Flat Rate $150 Flat Rate $500 Flat Rate $300 Flat Rate $500 Flat Rate $500 Flat Rate


All events must end in time to clean up and exit by the end of the rental period.  

Please note: 

  • Rates subject to change. Verify with Club Management.
  • Please check our calendar to see if the building is available for your event date.

Event Stewards 

Event Stewards will be required for all private rentals, number and timing to be determined by the details of your event.

The Event Stewards are representatives of HPIC and answer questions that you might have to help ensure that your event goes as planned and remains within HPIC guidelines.

Available Discounts

Performance, Rehearsal, and Instructor Rentals for Classes

To support the arts, as well as instructors that wish to offer classes at HPIC, we are happy to offer a subsidized rate of $15 an hour.  This rate is available, Monday through Thursday, as well as Friday through Sunday, at times before 5 pm. For classes at other times, please inquire.

HPIC Members and Instructors (for personal use) 

Active Members and instructors may qualify for a 50% discount on the Friday through Sunday evening rental rates.  

Active Members and Instructors must have logged 24 hours volunteer time over past 12 months, supporting HPIC activities and events. Members must be current with their annual dues. Class instructors must have actively taught at HPIC for a minimum of six continuous months over past 12 months and have rental fees paid on-time and in full.


We are happy to offer Non-Profits a flat rate of $50 per hour, regardless of day or time, on verification of non-profit status.