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City of Seattle Official Website Find any city information that you need here.

Report illegal dumping or call 684-7587.

Seattle Police Department
   Call 911 anytime that it is an emergency and immediate response is required for safety    or to increase the likelihood of apprehension.

   Police Non-Emergency number or 625-5011 should be used if the above does not apply.

   Weed and Seed - Officer Brian Ballew is the Community Police Team officer for North of    Holden, which includes Riverview. If you see drug or prostitution activity, you can    notify him directly. His direct phone line is 386-1088. His email address is    brian.ballew@Seattle.Gov .

Seattle Fire Department
  Real Time Dispatch, which allows you to see what calls they are on and determine what   those sirens (fire only) were for.

Street Light Trouble Report   or call 684-7056.

Seattle Animal Shelter   or call 386-4254.
Lost Pet Hotline - 386-4254.
Animal Shelter phone - 386-4294.

Graffiti - to get free paint for covering graffiti, call 684-5004.