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» welcome to the Riverview Neighborhood Council web site.

The Riverview Neighborhood is bounded by SW Holly to the North and SW Holden to the South, 14th Ave SW to the West and Highland Park Way to the East.

The Riverview Neighborhood Council is not currently meeting. The email group and website continue. Please let other neighbors know about the group - it's an easy way to share information about what's happening in the neighborhood.

During this time, residents of the Riverview Neighborhood who would like to talk about community issues are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings of the Highland Park Action Committee (HPAC) at the Highland Park Improvement Club, every fourth Monday of the month at 7pm
. Riverview Neighborhood concerns may be addressed there along with those of Highland Park.

Some members of the Riverview Neighborhood have joined the Highland Park Improvement Club, traditional meeting place of the Riverview Neighborhood Council, to help bring the club back into the community and save the building from being sold. Riverview residents are always welcome to attend events, meetings, and join the club.

Shown below are the approximate boundaries of our charter, though all are welcome to attend.