March 13th, 2015

Highland Park Improvement Club
1116 SW Holden
Seattle, WA 98106


Message phone: 206-762-9825

Above is a picture of the Board, shortly after elections and being sworn in by Martha on 3/11/13. Pictured from left to right is Nickie Jostol (Secretary), Billy Stauffer (Trustee), Rhonda Smith (President), Julie Schickling (Treasurer), Christie Sjostrom (Trustee), Blair Johnson (Trustee), Martha Mallet (Board Member Emeritus – performed the swearing in), Kay Kirkpatrick (Trustee) and Theresa Beaulieu (Trustee).

  Not in the picture above is Gretchen Heiden (Vice President).

President: Rhonda Smith
Vice President: Gretchen Heiden
Secretary: Nickie Jostol
Treasurer: Julie Schickling

Trustee: Blair Johnson
Trustee: Kay Kirkpatrick
Trustee: Billy Stauffer
Trustee: Christie Sjostrom
Trustee: Theresa Beaulieu

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