Board Members

June 11th, 2016

HPIC Board Members

HPIC is a volunteer-driven non-profit and the Board is no exception. All Board members are unpaid neighbors working to ensure the continued viability of HPIC for the good of our neighborhood.


President: Rhonda Smith
Board Member since 2007





Vice President: Gretchen Heiden
Board Member since 2009





Secretary: Nickie Jostol
Board Member since 2009





Treasurer: Julie Schickling
Board Member since 2008





Trustee: Blair Johnson
Board Member since 2010





Trustee: Kay Kirkpatrick
Board Member since 2008
Stewardship Focus: Garden maintenance and oversight, general building maintenance, Signage and Membership committee lead, Giant Garage sale organizer, Highland Park Uncorked and other HPIC event decoration lead.
Bio: Kay Kirkpatrick has lived in Highland Park since 1999. After years of walking by HPIC she started attending membership meetings there and came to that “ah-hah moment” realizing our neighborhood had inherited a free clubhouse. Not something you see every day in these times in the big city. All we had to do was take some responsibility for it, and enjoy it like those before us. The activities and connections she has made there have become one of her favorite things about Highland Park. Kay has an art studio practice in the neighborhood and does public art installations around the region, as well as working as a librarian for The Seattle Public Library.


Trustee: Billy Stauffer
Board Member since 2014





Trustee: Christie Sjostrom
Board Member since 2014





Trustee: Michele Witzki
Board Member since 2015





Trustee: Billy Markham
Board Member since 2015





Trustee: Nicole Mazza
Board Member since 2016
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