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HPIC Corner Bar Welcomes Back the Yada Yada Blues Band as well as DJ Dr.Lehl! – This Friday 3/4

February 29th, 2016 Comments off

Friday,  March 4th, doors open at 6 pm. 

DJ Dr. Lehl will be setting the mood until 7:30 pm, between and after band sets.

7:30 PM: Yada Yada Blues Band  performs their first set.


Beverages Draft beer, wine, and special cocktailAs always, we offer a wide assortment of non-alcoholic beverages as well. Please remember that no outside alcohol is allowed and no alcohol is allowed outside at this time.

This month’s special cocktail– Strawberry and Jalapeno Infused Margarita!

Green Guidance – Walking or bicycling to the event is encouraged. It’s green, it makes the neighbors happier and provides a safe walk home!

Parental Guidance – There are toys and games set up on tables. Parents, please be aware of your child’s activities.  Activities such as ball throwing and chasing games are discouraged.


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Movie Night this Friday, February 19th

February 16th, 2016 Comments off

Doors open at 6:00 pm  with a children’s short at 6:15 and the main movie at 7. Free admission. Volunteers will be selling popcorn, candy and other movie fare. Bring blankets and pillows or sit in our chairs. This is an all ages event. Bring your friends, family and neighbors.

Double Feature!

Children’s Movie Hint: In this 2006 animation (22 minutes) take a journey back to medieval Bikini Bottom, land of fair maidens, evil knights, fire-breathing jellyfish and daring rescues. Thou art in for an exciting ride.

Movie hint: In this 2014 PG feature (89 minutes), a trio of teen pals make an out of this world discovery via encoded messages on their cell phones.

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Join the Highland Park Uncorked Planning Committee!

February 5th, 2016 Comments off

It’s that time of year again where we start planning for our largest fundraising effort of the year, our 8th annual Highland Park Uncorked Fundraiser, where all proceeds go towards the building fund for much-needed renovations so the club can serve the community for the next 100 years! 

It’s a fun event to plan, however, it takes a lot of effort and coordination, and many hands make the load light!  Whether you want to help with the planning, have connections for raffle donations, or are a foodie that wants to help with food, we welcome your support. 

If you are interested in joining our fun committee or wanting to help out in any other way, please reach out to Nicole Mazza at  Committee meetings are every other Tuesday evening and will start on Feb 16th, and run through May 10th, with additional time required as the event draws near.  More details will be provided at the kick-off meeting.

Let the fun begin!

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Remember – Corner Bar this Friday and Yes, There are Rules

February 2nd, 2016 Comments off


Breaking News – HPIC is getting a new Liquor License!

Until now, Corner Bar has always operated under a Special Occasion License which allows non-profits to sell alcohol up to 12 times a year; hence the once a month event. We will now be operating under a temporary Non-Profit Arts Organization liquor License with the hope that this will be made permanent. This type of license allows us to sell alcohol at any art event. Obtaining this permit has been a tremendous amount of work and has great value to HPIC. In order to get and keep the permit, we want to remind you of some basic rules.


Rules?! There are no…OK, there are a few rules…

Keep in mind that we did not make these rules. Violation of these rules could cause us to lose our ability to hold Corner Bar and similar events. Everyone that works at Corner Bar is a neighbor and a volunteer. Please do not make them have to enforce the rules. If you see a neighbor violating a rule, please let them know so that they can avoid the awkwardness of someone they do not know telling them.

1. Bring your ID

 If you have never looked in the mirror and asked “When did I get old?” or “When did I turn into my Mother (or Father)?” then you need to be ready to be asked for your ID.

2. No Intoxicants from Outside HPIC

You cannot bring in your own beer, wine, or cannabis. We do not sell cannabis and the permit does not allow it to be consumed on the HPIC property (building or lot). If you feel the desire for this, you will have to consume it elsewhere

Keep in mind that this is a fundraising event. There is no cover charge, so we are relying on the purchase of beverages, alcoholic or not. That is not the reason for the rule, but it could be! As it is, we get to blame the State.

3. No Alcohol Outside

We are working on a permit to allow us alcohol in the courtyard, but alcohol must stay inside until then.

Corner Bar this Friday February 5th!


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