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Yoga Workshop – Sun, Apr 29

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Sun Apr 29, 7-9pm

Terilyn Wyre will be offering yoga workshops on the last Sunday evening of each month.

This month we will be honoring Earth Day. With a grounding root chakra “muladhara” flow and meditation, we will explore ways we can bring Earth awareness to our daily practices on and off our mats and commit to one small way we can honor and help heal Mother Earth.

All levels are welcome.

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Intro to Reiki class coming April 24

April 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Eileen Dey of The Reiki Training Program

Introduction to Reiki
Reiki (pronounced ray-kee), is a Japanese word derived from ‘Rei’(Universal wisdom) and ‘Ki’(life force energy’). It is an ancient healing method that rebalances the energy field (aura, electro-magnetic field) surrounding and infusing the physical body. By releasing energy ‘blocks’ Reiki helps restore the natural flow of life force, thus helping restore a person to physical, psychological and spiritual health. Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC founder of the only state-certified vocational school of Reiki in Highland Park presents this informative and hands-on talk. Free!

Reiki Circle

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